attachments / or / murphy’s law is god

isn’t it amazing how
sometimes things work out
exactly as we planned them,
and sometimes not?
why is that?
how can we make things work out more often?
how can we avoid those days when nothing goes
the way we wanted it to, i.e.
when murphy’s law rules?

the solution, as it turns out,
to having our plans turn out
may be to be less attached
to having it the way we want.
murphy’s law ~
whatever can go wrong, will go wrong
~ affects us because
we so very much want things to
happen in a particular way.
if we didn’t care,
it wouldn’t matter.

not giving a shit isn’t any
way to live a life, in my
humble opinion.
so what i really mean is,
have several options.
don’t be so attached to plan a
that we forget to have plan b & c.
with alternatives, we are
flexible and can go with the
flow of events.
if more of what’s possible is
included in what’s desired,
we are more likely to be
okay with whatever transpires.

an old joke: want to make god laugh? tell her your plans.

be well!


~ by mjmmft on December 12, 2006.

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