vision vs. hope

As an alternative to relying on hope to get us through rough times, a more proactive approach creates a vision of what good times could look like if it all works out like we prefer. By articulating in as much detail as possible our vision of a preferred life and compare it to what we believe we have currently, we are better equipped to nurture, to husband, to instigate, to encourage our lives towards resembling more closely our preferences.

RUSSIAN RIVER ISLET c. 2012 mjmmft

Hope can be a relatively passive practice in that it doesn’t require action on our part; in fact, we’re more likely to hope for something when we feel we can’t make it happen on our own. Otherwise, we wouldn’t need to hope for it — we’d just go get it, go do it, go have it, go live it.

Vision, on the contrary, is a first step in actively responding to every situation. After we have a clear vision, we can set about acting on it. In scuba diving it was: “Plan your dive (vision), then dive your plan (action).” The third step is reviewing or measuring your results and incorporating anything of value into an improved plan. Then repeat.

To repeat: create a vision of the way you’d like it (re anything you want to influence). Then act out that plan. Then measure the results. For example, if your vision is to be an airplane pilot, you take lessons and you practice and then you take and pass one or more tests and then you get licensed as a pilot. Then measure your results — did you reach your goal? if not fully, then by how much did you fall short? Debrief — with ourselves and/or with family or colleagues or anyone else we’re working with in some capacity on some project.

Then make a new goal and repeat.


~ by mjmmft on October 3, 2012.

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